Dental Implants, Hudson, FL

Dental Implants: The Next Best Thing to Natural Teeth

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The Highest Standard in Replacing Missing Teeth

No tooth replacement option affords all the benefits of natural teeth, but dental implants truly are the next best thing – and are more common now than ever. The gold standard in tooth replacement, dental implants rival natural tooth structure and simulate the unique relationship between the roots and crowns of permanent teeth. Dr. David Kimmel beautifully restores dental implants and implant supported dentures for the look, feel and function of a natural, brilliant smile.

Why chose implants to replace missing teeth?

  • Esthetic appearance
  • Strong, stable bite
  • Preserve jaw bone health
  • Permanent tooth replacement
  • Feel, act and look like real teeth

Dental Implants, Hudson, FL

Restore Your Implants With the Convenience of CEREC®

Once implants are placed by a periodontist or oral surgeon, Dr. Kimmel restores them with crowns, bridges or dentures, completing the tooth replacement process. Our use of CEREC® technology for implant restoration provides the ultimate in esthetics, function and same-day convenience, as these prosthetics are milled right here in our office.

Please visit our state-of-the-art, caring practice for implant restoration when your treatment includes:

Dental Implants, Hudson, FL

Single implants

Multiple implants

Implant supported dentures

You deserve the refined expertise and skills of a qualified dentist

When it comes to restoring or replacing implant crowns and dentures, you deserve the refined expertise and skills of a qualified dentist. Proficiency, experience and cosmetic acuity are key when investing in your smile, especially when your oral health needs demand a modern solution to problems like tooth loss. Dr. Kimmel graduated in 1987 and has trained at the highly acclaimed Dawson Academy, Spear Education and Pankey Institute, and is the dentist so many in our community turn to for a healthy, gorgeous, lasting smile.

Dr. Kimmel is lead AAFE Faculty instructor and a Vampire Facial provider:

AAFE Faculty instructor
Vampire Facial Provider

Dental Implants, Hudson, FL

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