Cavities and Composite Fillings, Hudson, FL

Conservative Treatment for Cavities Delivers Seamless Results

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Save Your Smile From Bigger Dental Problems

Though preventable, tooth decay affects millions of people in the United States, and is the most common chronic health condition among both adults and children. However prevalent this oral disease may be, treating dental cavities caused by tooth decay now helps avoid the need for future, more extensive dental procedures such as root canals, crowns and tooth extractions. Protect your family’s smiles and oral health by seeking immediate treatment for cavities with conservative tooth-colored composite fillings from Dr. David Kimmel.

Dr. Kimmel Talks About Preventative Dentistry

How Is a Cavity Treated?

Cavities are caused by certain types of oral bacteria residing in your mouth. When these bacteria consume sugars in plaque deposits they produce acid, which creates an opening or “cavity” within your tooth. Dr. Kimmel often treats tooth decay by cleaning out the cavity with a gentle dental laser, and then restoring the tooth with natural-looking, non-metal composite filling material for a seamless, healthy smile.

Benefits of composite fillings include:

Cavities and Composite Fillings, Hudson, FL

Shaded to match exact tooth color

Blend seamlessly anywhere in the mouth

Look, feel and act like natural tooth structure

Require less removal of tooth structure

Smooth, strong, durable and lasting

Fully restore function and esthetics after tooth decay

Cavities and Composite Fillings, Hudson, FL

Advanced Laser Technology Affords Minimally Invasive Treatment

Laser technology plays a large role in how we restore health and harmony to your smile. As faculty at the Institute for Advanced Laser Dentistry, Dr. Kimmel is highly experienced in the use of dental lasers and dedicated to providing the most minimally invasive care available today.

Treating cavities with our precision dental laser affords you and your family a wealth of advantages, such as:

  • No need for anesthesia (generally)
  • Less heat than a dental drill
  • Quieter, faster procedure
  • Site-specific and extremely precise
  • Leaves healthy areas unharmed
  • Greater patient comfort

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