CEREC® Same Day Crowns, Hudson, FL

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Restore Your Smile, in a Single Visit

There is never a convenient time to experience damage to your smile. Whether you suffer extensive decay, a broken tooth, or have lost a tooth, getting the crown or bridge treatment you need right away is extremely important for your oral health. Traditional methods of placing crown and bridge restorations are uncomfortable and inconvenient, relying on goopy impression material, unpredictable temporaries and bulky porcelain-fused-to-metal materials. CEREC® dentist Dr. David Kimmel offers a more modern, high-quality solution for crown and bridge services, one that gets you back to enjoying life in a single convenient visit!

Dr. Kimmel Explains The Benefits Of CEREC®

Discover the Benefits of CEREC® Technology

CEREC® technology uses digital impressions to create your new crown or bridge. This data is transmitted right to our in-house milling machine, where your custom restoration is crafted within a short period of time. CEREC® services are easy, time-saving and more precise than traditional methods.

Experience the advantages only same-day CEREC® crowns and bridges can offer:

CEREC® Same Day Crowns, Hudson, FL

Single visit, minimally invasive procedure

No waiting weeks for outside lab work

Digital impressions with
intraoral scanner

No unreliable temporaries

Less likely to crack or break

No goopy material or gagging sensation

Natural-looking, smooth
ceramic material

CEREC® Same Day Crowns, Hudson, FL

Is CEREC® Right for Your Smile?

Dr. Kimmel is committed to providing you and your loved ones the highest quality, most minimally invasive care in dentistry today, which is why he relies on CEREC® for same-day crown and bridge solutions.

CEREC® crowns are ideal for:

  • Broken, fractured or damaged teeth
  • Decayed teeth
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Large fillings to replace
  • Root canal treated teeth
  • Dental implant restoration

CEREC® bridges are ideal if you have:

  • One to three consecutively missing teeth
  • Healthy adjacent teeth
  • Sufficient bone supporting adjacent teeth

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Same-day CEREC® crown and bridge solutions afford the ultimate in esthetics, precision and convenience when restoring your smile. Contact us today for your consultation!