Teeth Whitening, Hudson, FL

Erase Years From Your Smile with Professional Teeth Whitening

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Go Confidently in the Direction of Your New Smile

Is achieving a whiter, brighter smile on your list of goals? Professional teeth whitening is an easy way to transform your smile, gain a big boost of self-confidence and turn back the hands of time for a youthful, vibrant grin.

Teeth whitening services address cosmetic concerns like:

Teeth Whitening, Hudson, FL

Coffee, tea and red wine stain

Stain from certain medications

Yellowing or discoloration due to aging

Stain from foods or spices

Tobacco stain

Simple Whitening Services Deliver Bright Results

Dr. David Kimmel offers in-office, take home professional whitening systems, and whitening done with the laser for brightening your smile. All three options are simple, incorporate the highest quality whitening solutions available and deliver bright results. Depending on your cosmetic goals and lifestyle, one or the other method may be better suited for your smile.

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Teeth Whitening, Hudson, FL

Teeth Whitening, Hudson, FL

In-Office Whitening

Whiten your teeth within the convenience of a single visit. Our highly trained team expertly applies a professional grade whitening solution, monitoring the process until the desired shade is achieved. If you are short on time or need results fast, in-office whitening is ideal for you!

Teeth Whitening, Hudson, FL

Take-Home Whitening

If whitening on your own time is more your speed, our take-home whitening kits may be your best option. We create your comfortable, customized whitening trays, and provide whitening solution along with easy instructions on how and when to wear your trays to achieve desired results.

Dr. Kimmel Explains The Benefits About Cosmetic Dentistry

Creating Stunning Smiles Is Our Specialty

At The Florida Center for Laser Dentistry, we love seeing you smile. Our professional whitening services are a simple, convenient way to enjoy your brightest, most gorgeous smile yet! Dr. Kimmel and our team are dedicated to providing the highest quality treatment in the shortest amount of time possible. Trust our experienced team for professional whitening that is safe, effective and fast.

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