Tooth Extraction, Hudson, FL

Sometimes, the Best Treatment for Your Smile is a Tooth Extraction

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When Removing a Tooth Is the Right Step Forward

Preserving the beauty and health of your smile is always our goal. At times, however, extracting a tooth is the best possible way to eliminate infection or other problems, provide much needed relief from pain or discomfort, and ultimately improve your oral health. Tooth extractions may be the appropriate course of action for you or a family member in a number of scenarios, including the removal of:

Tooth Extraction, Hudson, FL

Baby teeth

Badly broken teeth

Wisdom teeth

Pre-molar or other teeth
(orthodontic purposes)

Severely decayed teeth

Teeth affected by periodontal disease

Tooth Extraction, Hudson, FL

Your Health and Comfort Are Our Top Concern

Having spent the past 28 years improving the oral health of our patients, Dr. David Kimmel understands that losing a tooth is never easy. Rest assured, Dr. Kimmel and our caring team are in the business of saving teeth, performing extractions only when other options are not feasible and teeth cannot be saved. Extractions are often necessary to prevent more serious dental conditions from developing, and typically the sole treatment option for hopeless, unsalvageable teeth. Our entire team is dedicated to providing outstanding oral health results, offering effective sedation options to ensure your experience is as pleasant and positive as possible.

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Planning for Dental Implant Placement After Tooth Loss

In the case of irreparable teeth, dental implants are the standard of care in tooth replacement. Implants integrate with the jaw and rely heavily on surrounding bone for stability and success. Socket preservation is a procedure performed at the time of a tooth extraction, and adds bone tissue to replace missing tooth roots. The process strengthens the bone, preserving the extraction site for future implant placement.

Tooth Extraction, Hudson, FL

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A tooth extraction may be the right move for your smile, and the only way to provide the much needed relief from tooth pain or infection. Call our friendly, experienced team right away to reserve your evaluation!